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J Balvin x Air Jordan 3 "Medellín Sunset"

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The brand with the Jumpman has built up a gigantic portfolio of sneakers in its incredibly long history and still releases an even more advanced version every year. It all started with the extremely popular Air Jordan 1, which still tops the rankings almost 40 years later. Even though the Air Jordan 3 doesn't match the popularity of the original, it has built up a Pink fanbase that follows every release. Now, lovers of the Get can look forward to a collaborative release with J-Balvin that focuses on a truly unique design. 

J Balvin x Air Jordan 3 "Medellín Sunset" release info

The collaborative version of the Air Jordan 3 comes in an upper made of tumbled leather, which is mostly wrapped in a clean white. The front and rear mudguards feature the characteristic Elephant prints in a light grey Jumpman. The rear panels of the midsole as well as the heel caps are the big special feature of the shoe and showcase the eponymous Jumpman gradient, which is reminiscent of a sunset in warm Medellin. This area also features J-Balvin's signature smiley faces with lightning bolts for eyes. The layers underneath the sewn areas reveal a baseminded golden yellow, which is complemented by matching eyelets and Jordan brandings. A semi-transparent outsole rounds off this special edition perfectly! 

Where to buy the J Balvin x Air Jordan 3 "Medellín Sunset"

The official images of the J Balvin x Air Jordan 3 "Medellín Sunset" have already been released, but there is still no sign of a confirmed release date. So that you don't miss the drop under any circumstances, you should download our free Cheap Runtrendy Air Jordans Outlet sales online app. 
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