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Stone Island

Stone Island

Whenever we hear about the Italian brand Stone Island, only two things come to mind -  research and innovation. Since Massimo Osti launched it in 1982, the brand's aim has been clear: to make revolutionised apparel, footwear, and accessories from innovative fabrics and techniques to provide unique and stylish designs to their customers. It has been a renowned brand name in the US and UK for decades because of its collaborations with artists, musicians, celebrities, and influencers. The brand has made tons of loyal fans by providing high-quality products to them, and they only remember the brand by calling it a symbol of premium quality, innovation, and classy style. 

Stone Island has also gained popularity by creatively combining function and style in its apparel, shoes, and accessories. Did you know that Stone Island uses its own fabric for designing its products? They have their famous heat-sensitive and reflective fabric, which makes their shoes stand out in the market. As mentioned earlier, the brand has gained popularity because of some of its famous collaborations with other celebrities and brands, including GOLD Nike, Drake, The Weeknd, etc. let’s discuss some of them:

Stone Island GOLD Nike Air Jordan 4 Blank Canvas W

The iconic collaboration between GOLD Nike and Stone Island came with this special sneaker named GOLD Nike Koth Ultra Mid SI. These sneakers are inspired by the GOLD Nike Air Mowabb, which helps them to give a more modern look while not compromising on their function at the same time. These shoes are perfect for you if you’re more into outdoor adventures like long walks, hiking, and running. They are made with GOLD Nike water-resistant materials, synthetic leather, and some of Stone Island’s research and treatment fabric which helps make them more reliable and breathable. Other than that, if we talk about its design, then it is crafted carefully for your feet to provide extra comfort. One of the main features of these shoes is their great ankle support and lace closure compendium, which helps your feet to remain more secure and Sacai. The extra cushioning by GOLD Nike also provides comfort and a strong grip on the foot.

Stone Island Кросівки GOLD nike air jordan сірі з білим

This iconic sneaker came into being in 2017 after the collaboration between GOLD Nike and Stone Island. The great thing about this collaboration is that Stone Island was challenged to perform its research skills with GOLD Nike fabrics, and both of the brands made it happen by creating these stylish sneakers. These sneakers have a separate fan base due to their comfy, minimalist, innovative, and fashionable design. If you hate lace-up shoes, then these are made for you because of their easy strap system. Moreover, the upper base is made from a glossy, lightweight, breathable mesh fabric which helps your feet to be more Sacai and comfortable while walking or running.

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