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Salehe Bembury

Salehe Bembury | Innovation that Moves You

Born and bred in New York, Salehe Bembury is an American fashion designer. He has his own brand called Spunge and likes to collaborate with other brands in his free time. The leading designer has partnered with Crocs, New Balance, and many others.

About Salehe Bembury

Salehe Bembury was born in 1986 to a Tribecan family. He graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in industrial design. He got into designing footwear for the Payless Shoe Source, marking the beginning of his legendary career. Since then, he has worked hard and made a name for himself. Things started looking good for him when he joined the Yeezy lineup in 2015. He helped design Season 3 and Season 4 of the shoe lineup.

Salehe Bembury x New Balance

The debut for the campaign started with the release of the 990v2 "Sand be the Time." During Paris Fashion Week 2022, the fashion designer released the shoe's first version.

Since the announcement was made official, the hype started to roll in. The sandy orange and pink tinted suede is a combination you don't see daily. Moreover, the accent of purple on the midfoot with the famous "N" branding makes the shoe iconic from every angle. The shoe uses wide gauge athletic mesh instead of the boring standard one.

Salehe Bembury x Crocs

Crocs must be the perfect brand for collaborating with Bembury; both fashion giants have the same great love for colours. And it can be seen in most of the partnerships they have done. The Crocs Pollex Clog by Salehe Bembury explores the world of foam shoes, giving them a new meaning. 

Bembury has not only blessed the clog shoe with some of the craziest colour options and the fingerprint style forefoot. The collection has shoes with adjustable heel traps. Moreover, there are some strapless models to put in your feet and fly freely.


One of the leading collaborations of Bembury has to be with Crocs. Both brands have a unique sense of styling, be it the clog design or vibrant colours of the fashion designer. The widely popular silhouette broke all the charts ever since it got teased by Bembury.

It has a cherry blossom kind of pink body with protection at the forefoot. The strap not only looks fantastic but also has functionality. In addition, the fingerprint underfoot gives more character to the otherwise ordinary clog design.

The Kuwata is something new and refreshing from the brand. Apart from the previous collaborations, it gives users something to wear daily.


Ending 2022 with a bang, Bembury partnered with Crocs to alter the already outstanding design and present something new. The November shoe of the month for the collection was "Sasquatch." 

Unlike all the previous collaborations between the two giants, this shoe is not colourful. It has an all-black design that helps tone down any and every outfit. The design is timeless with the strap and the fingerprint upper design. 

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