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Coca-Cola has recently made waves in the worldwide fashion scene through its partnership with two of the biggest names in sneakers, ASICS and Puma. The collaboration has produced a stunning collection of brightly colored shoes featuring the iconic Coca-Cola signature. 

It's a vibrant blend of classic styling, eye-catching colors, and an unmistakable twist: to incorporate the symbol of global drown at its very essence! With these new shoes, you'll make heads turn whether you're walking down the street or strutting down the catwalk. 

Coca Cola x Puma Slipstream 'Slate': 

Coca-Cola x ASICS Gel-Quantum 90 ‘Red’ 

The Coca-Cola x ASICS Gel-Quantum 90 'Red' shoes are the perfect way to make a statement. The beautiful red upper provides a base for the dynamic contrast of white accents, ensuring that these shoes will stand out from any crowd. 

The cherry on top of this eye-catching design is the green detail along the sole, which adds an unexpected touch of flair that makes for an unbeatable combination. There's no doubt about it; these iconic kicks exude creativity and are sure to turn heads wherever you go! 

Coca-Cola x Puma Slipstream' Slate' 

The Coca-Cola x Puma Slipstream' Slate' shoes are the perfect blend of style and performance for those looking for a fashionable yet functional pair of sneakers. These sleek, low-profile shoes capture your attention with their dynamic colorway of slate and racing red that brings to mind the feeling of speed and power. 

Built on a lightweight upper that moves with your foot while providing superior cushioning, they come equipped with strategically placed rubber lugs that guarantee unbeatable grip on any surface.

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Introducing a creative spin on the classic style of Puma Suede shoes, Coca-Cola adds their signature pop of color with their new Ivory Glow and Slate colorway. Ideal for any fashionista looking to make a statement, these vibrant sneakers feature bold lace detailing, giving them an edge that is both subtle and unique. 

The raised midsole will keep you comfortable all day, while the rubber outsole provides great traction and support so you can join the Coke-Puma revolution in style! 

The Bottom Line 

The creative collaboration between Coca-Cola and Puma, and ASICS shoes has produced some of the most unique, modern styles the world has ever seen! The unique look features a sleek design that meets vibrant colors – each shoe striving to make a statement about who you are. 

The combination of brands was inspired by people being able to express their individual style through fashion that speaks for itself, making sure all eyes can tell who you are and where you stand on your own scope of fashion. 

Even if it's through a simple color choice or incorporation of fabrics from different companies, this creative collaboration is taking the fashion industry by storm!
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