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high dunk nike shoes 2017 girls names for women | Shop Nike Lebron 18 Sneakers

high dunk nike shoes 2017 girls names for women | Shop all Nike Lebron 18 sneaker releases

Nike Lebron 18
The sporting innovation from Beaverton elite very well reach a new level. Perhaps Nike has even created the best basketball shoe that is currently available. However, a sneaker that focuses heavily on performance and speed is often hard to find. LeBron's shoe designer Jason Petrie explains the features of the new sneaker for athletes.


The Nike LeBron 18 is a performance sneaker. But what would you call the individual elements? Nike describes its latest sneaker with two simple words: SPEED and POWER. The last viii both technologies were combined was with the Nike Air Force 25.

  • nike tiger janoski shop in san antonio southside SPEED and is very light and responsive — features that a sporty sneaker of LeBron caliber definitely needs.
  • The Max Air, on the other hand, embodies pure POWER. nike free tr3 womens training classes.

"Made to Take The Game to The Next Level."

Also on the new Nike LeBron 18, designer Jason Petrie takes the lead on appearance and combines two unbeatable technologies. As the ultra-lightweight Knitposite upper has proven itself on the LeBron 17, it is also used on the more advanced version. Knitposite 2.0 is extremely light and reduces the total weight of the sneaker. It wouldn't make any sense to play with heavy weights on your foot, would it?

But a sneaker for basketball does not only have to be light as a feather. Imagine that you have no grip and only end up sliding on the court? This is where the rubber outsole offers you the best traction. By the real of the front half, the element has even been raised a little so that you always have a good grip, even during fast lateral movements.

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