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Skateboarding and alternative sports have always had a strong influence on leading trends and the emergence of a new lifestyle. Etnies, founded by Pierre Andre Senizergues in Lake Forest, California, in 1986, was one of the first companies to bring these underground scenes to the attention of the global population. From its onset, this brand has continually pushed boundaries and created exciting apparel that skaters, snowboarders, surfers, BMX riders, and other alternative sports enthusiasts just can't get enough of. As one of the original apparel-focused skate brands to take over mainstream fashion and culture with its unique style, Etnies remains an integral part of the skateboarding industry today.

Etnies - Underground In Focus

During the Easter seniority, a group from the Etnies community project took a creative approach to help those in need. Based in Los Angeles, this collective set out to provide free footwear for those experiencing homelessness. 

Through fundraising and donations, they were able to bring much-needed relief and comfort to those who urgently needed shoes during this time. Discussing their contributions, members of the project expressed pride in the fact that something as simple as providing shoes could make such a difference. 

Bringing something positive out of their initiative made them feel hopeful that more profound change could be made with future projects. In addition to that, Etnies have been moving more than just the needle of skate culture; they are affecting the lifestyle industry by growing and producing iconic styles that offer comfort and exceptional support to anyone from weekend warriors to professional athletes. 

Whether it's on the streets or on the board, Etnies continues to be a benchmark for effortless style and stability for all who rely on them. They provide both diversity and quality in every stitch, making sure you never have to compromise your look or performance. 

So go ahead, lace up your kicks, jump on a board, or take to the streets – either way, you know you're stepping into something special when it comes to gear produced by Etnies. 

The Most Popular Models by Etnies 

Etnies Jefforson MTW 
Step into extreme style and comfort with Etnies Jefforson MTW shoes. Not only are these shoes fashionable, but the unique combination of canvas and leather materials gives the shoes a sophisticated finishing touch. 
The subtle tones and detailed stitching provide an interesting contrast to the rest of your wardrobe and make the shoes an eye-catching addition. With padded soles, adjustable lacing, and elasticized sides, you'll experience incredible levels of comfort in every step you take throughout your day. Get creative with your style with Etnies Jefforson MTW shoes.

Etnies Barge 
The Etnies Barge shoes are an absolute work of art. Impeccably crafted and designed, they stand out in a crowd with their stunning combination of black and white. The sleek black upper is eye-catching all on its own, yet the addition of the crisp white sole makes for a unique design that will last for seasons to come. 

If you're looking for a shoe that compliments both casual and dressier looks alike, then these Etnies Barge shoes are the way to go - you just can't go wrong with timeless fashion like this!

Etnies Kayson tan 
These shoes are truly a sight to behold! The Etnies Kayson tan shoes are a colorful explosion of style and flair, with a bold palette that blends bright turquoise, orange, yellow and pink pops of color. 

Yet despite this eye-popping look, there is still something quite intriguing about them. The intricate weaving patterns of the canvas create an unexpected texture that presents an intriguing departure from every day - they almost seem to be whispering secrets just beyond comprehension. Perfect for any fashionista looking to make a statement. 

Etnies Barge LS 
These shoes are like a work of art. Crafted with a timeless brown hue, the exterior is casually accented by white laces and the white sole. But that's baseless all - when seen from the inside, suddenly, these shoes become vibrant and alive as an unexpected flash of red radiates off their interior. 

Etnies Barge LS Shoes are simply perfect for creating a statement wherever you go! 

Etnies Barge LS 
Etnies has forever changed the shoe game with its innovative designs and array of vibrant colors. Not only is the brand stylish, but also environmentally conscious due to its mission to reduce carbon footprints in the communities it serves, creating a lasting impact on its clients and partners. 

Etnies embody founders' commitment to personal expression and individuality, proving that the perfect finishing touch can take a look from simple to standout. It's no wonder Etnies shoes have become a wardrobe staple for fashionistas everywhere! 

With all this in mind, we can easily see why Etnies is the ultimate source of stylish and eco-friendly footwear.
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