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"éS" is a French skateboarding footwear brand that took over the footwear industry regarding quality, performance, and styling. It all started when a skateboarder in France had troubles while skateboarding, and the difficulties mainly emerged because of his shoes. Skateboarding basically revolves directly and indirectly around the choice of shoes. So, "éS" was launched to fulfil the needs of skateboarders and provide them with shoes specifically designed to perform better.

éS - Skateboarding Footwear From France

Andre Senizergues is a legend and well-known skateboarder who introduced this brand, and because of the niche target audience, he has been dominating the industry since then. Every shoe is unique in its way and steals the hearts of skateboarders every time! The sponsorship from many different skateboarding leagues built a new perception of the brand for the audience, and it became a huge hit after that.

What does "éS" Have to Offer?

"éS" has a wide range of footwear products for men and women. Here are some of the most popular. So, without further ado, let's jump straight into it:

Accel OG
The Accel OG is the real 'OG' in the sneakers industry, the first-ever design launched by eS in 1995. It is known for its durability. The upper body is a combo of suede and leather. The padded tongue and collar add more comfort and support to it. The midsole is where the real magic happens. It is designed with STI energy foam, which provides much-needed cushioning and protection. The outsole is crafted with premium rubber to give that extra grip.

The shoe was a huge hit because of its sleek and stylish design and its performance on the board. Another factor is the shoutout by Eric Koston and Arto Saari. The shoe became so famous that fashion freaks, sneakers lovers, and streetwear enthusiasts had it on their feet. It comes in a broad range of colours to pick one of your own choices.

Accel Slim
The Accel Slim is the modified design of Accel, attracting skaters with a low-key taste. It is slimmer and more streamlined in design. Although slimmer, it still has the same level of performance and durability as the original Accel. It has a padded tongue as well as collar and an STI energy foam insole for adding cushioning.

A classic style shoe from the brand made the fans go crazy. And the reason for the hit was trifle but the "strong grip". And this is what skateboarders need to perform better and land better tricks. The shoe was designed in a way that had both the performance and the supreme material. And this game is all about having the comfort level to the top, or you'll get drained in a matter of seconds (or minutes, let's say). The shoe's upper portion was designed using leather material to make it last for years to come. 

Stylus Mid
Minimalism is the new fashion. And the brand well implemented this new fashion into this model of shoe. And what's even better than having enough support to protect you and your feet? All within a single shoe? This is what we have with the "Stylus mid" shoe model. Because the skaters need to do tricks that can cause injuries or at least, hurt your feet. So, the concept behind this shoe was to provide stability and balance. To make skating tricks more successful and without getting embarrassed in front of the whole crowd.

It's crazy to see a shoe that is balanced and just enough of a blend of minimalism and aesthetic looks without compromising on the quality of the product. And that's how it left footprints in the heart of the people, specifically the skateboarding community. It has a never-ending variety of colours, so pick one that suits you the best. They vary from black to dark blue and all those aesthetic colours you want in a shoe.

The Penny has won well-deserved attention from all over the world. And éS has used everything it could, to the best of its abilities, to make this shoe "the popular one." Named after the well-known legend's daughter, Sal Barbier's daughter, primarily for the love of skateboarding. And this was a huge factor behind the success of this shoe model. 

And the popularity of this model was for a reason "System G2" technology was integrated into it, to provide gel-ish comfort and support for shocks and landings.  
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