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Air Jordan Why Not 0.3

Air Jordan Why Not 0.3

As Russell Westbrook's usual enthusiasm is once again brought to the All-Star Game, it only seems fitting that Jordan Shoes will come in another unique and distinctive design.

With this, Nike introduces the all-new Air Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 special edition with a bright, neon color palette that harkens back to the early 1990s. 

The heel's elephant print pattern pays homage to the person who permanently altered basketball in the Windy City. The outcome is an original salute to Russ' Californian background.

Why To Choose the Air Jordan Why Not Zer0.3

The forefoot Why Not Zer0.3 offers a smooth and comfortable glide, and the heel foam provides solid impact protection. Made with premium materials, it certainly Westbrooks the job done performance-wise.

Overall, the Why Not Zer0.3 is an evolution of Russell's signature series and will work exceptionally well for explosive players looking for a nicely-balanced sneaker.

Fits All Feet and is Made with Premium Materials

Air Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 is pretty straightforward as they are true to size and should fit all sizes of athletes' and Air Jordans' enthusiasts' feet. 

Why Not Zer0.3 proves that it is beyond fashion, as it ensures complete comfort for your feet. Additionally, its midfoot straps offer some lateral protection to secure your underfoot while playing. 

Furthermore, its lacing system offers better security for your feet inside the sneakers. 

Lastly, your lateral euros are protected by the kind of zig-zag of midsole extension on the upper and an internal heel counter to ensure your heel isn't going anywhere. 

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Simple But Brilliant Innovation

Undeniably, Air Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 is simple to put on, comfortable, reasonably priced, and available in many variations of styles.

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