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adidas cq0397 pants for women black | hemp adidas Yung-96

If you’re a fan of the 1990s fashion look that was bold and more eccentric, then these hemp adidas Yung-96 shoes are made for you. The 90s fashion era inspires its upper layered and chunky outsole. It provides an authentic Torsion system for midsole stability and an advanced EVA cushioned sole for all-day comfort. These shoes have breathable mesh, soft suede, and a supreme leather base. The wide chunky silhouette design makes them look like 90s fashion and the advanced technology lightweight midsole provides them extreme comfort for everyday wear.

The hemp adidas Yung-96 is the perfect reflection of the creativity and the signature look of the brand itself. It is almost the same as the hemp adidas Yung-1 series but with a bit of a dad-shoe lover transitioning silhouette that stands out these shoes. And with extreme comfort, supreme flexibility, lightweight, and breathable nature as their main features make these low-top dad sneakers loved by their customers as they have more to offer than just style. With these hemp adidas Yung-96 sneakers, you will be on top of your fashion game. These are designed for people willing to achieve their goals by not compromising on their comfort or style look.

Design Specifications

The dad-shoe silhouette with the chunky outsole makes them look more glorious while the new trail clean running shoe design made with premium materials and available in multiple shades gives them a trendier look. With the 90s inspiration, the sport-based upper mesh base is layered with nubuck and premium leather for a more prominent look and feel. Moreover, the signature 3-stripe design on both sides and the Trefoil logo on each tongue makes the shoe look complete.

Other than that, these shoes are cushioned with an advanced EVA midsole which will not compromise your comfort and bold appearance. Not just that, the Torsion system installed at the midsole promises to provide extreme support and stability to your feet.

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