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adidas Nizza | Eco-Friendly Minimalist Design 

The adidas Nizza is the brand's response to making the planet greener. It is a sustainable shoe that came into production as a product of a partnership with Parley. Since then, adidas has released various versions of the shoe.

It has an all-white design basic version based on a simple silhouette. The timeless design makes it suitable for all occasions. However, some versions have high tops and different colour options.

Design and Build

On first look, the design of the adidas Nizza could be more striking. It has the same classic design as the archives. And this is what makes it an optimal choice for all. The shoe is timeless and will always be trendy. Hence, spending your money will be a good decision. 

The shoe might look boring from the outside, but things get interesting when we look closer. For starters, it has mixed materials used all over the shoe. It gives the shoe more character and makes it stand out from other basic white sneakers.

It has an upper portion made of reusable textile material. It has inspirations from Parley that can be mauve all over the shoe. In addition, the suede toe cap tones down the shoe's overall look. 

The focus is on the details, and the overlays prove it right. The shoe has around 5 layers (the toe cap being the fifth). Every layer has a different vibe going on to them, and combined, and they create a unique look for the show. It started as a court sneaker and came in both high-top and low-top options. Both have the three-stripe logo on all sides.

Sustainable Tomorrow

The shoe uses two key aspects for reducing plastic usage and making sustainable footwear. Firstly, the materials used in the shoes are partially recycled. Furthermore, the manufacturing process is also made eco-friendly. Undoubtedly, adidas is far grey from achieving its goals. Yet, they are destined to make 100% greener shoes.


The shoe does a decent job when it comes to providing ease to your foot. It is easy to wear with added insole cushions to hug the foot firmly. However, keep in mind that the insole is non-removable. 

According to adidas, it does have some nits and bits of the Boost technology in its sole. It provides decent support, but there is room for improvement. The outsole is only made for users to wear some day long. And it might start hurting if you keep walking for a long time.

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  • Eco-Friendly
  • Minimalist Aesthetics Design
  • Internal Cushioning

Final Thoughts

Suppose you are looking for an all-white sneaker that doesn't strike but goes well with all your outfits. Then the adidas Nizza can be a good option; its attention to detail, comfort and simplicity can make it your everyday sneaker.

Whereas, just like with any other white shoe, it is not made to get dirty. The white colour options attract dust like honey, so be careful where you wear it.

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