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adidas Lite Racer | The Lightweight Runner

The adidas Lite Racer boasts a series of different shoes that are best known for being lightweight, comfortable, and on the more affordable face of things. It can be a slip-on shoe that can help you look dapper while you run or exercise. 

These shoes look good on the treadmill and can complement your outfit. The affordable silhouette design makes them breathable and wearable without getting your foot sweaty.


The lite in the name stands for many things, one of which is weight. These shoes only have a little number on for them, which is their plus point. Consumers say that the shoes feel like a feather.

Furthermore, being room and having optimal airflow, these shoes are great if you wear them all day. Try getting the right size, as this shoe doesn't run true to size fitting. 

Undoubtedly, the shoes have no colour that strikes out on every occasion. But being basic is the new trend. The adidas Lite Racer looks decent with any outfit. Their solid colours help tone down your outfit and embrace your style.

adidas bj8744 pants sale women boots 2017 | Comfort

As the name suggests, these shoes are the lite version of running shoes. These are great if you want to enjoy your briskness on any other light physical activity, whereas, adizero things start to get serious. The performance starts to lack.

At first, the cloud foam technology feels very good, but it doesn't stand the test of time and starts to wear out.

The outsole has a limited grip on all the terrains, making it hard to grip well. Moreover, the flexible midsole doesn't provide the greatest comfort to your feet. Suppose you are looking to run every day for long distances every day. Try some other shoes from adidas that have Ultraboost in them.

Consumers have stated that the outsole tends to lose out due to friction. Thus, the shoes are only for some who want to make a short-term investment. 

But, as it has a competitive price, one can only complain a little.

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  • Affordable Pricing 
  • Various Versions and Colour Options
  • Lightweight Yet Premium Quality
  • Breathable Materials
  • Cushioning

Final Thoughts

For someone who likes comfort and durability while not being too flashy, the adidas LiteRacer can be a great investment. It has a basic design philosophy that makes it suitable for people of all ages.

However, its chill and laid-back design is only the choice for some. Some consumers believe it needs vibrant and unique colours, making it too basic to buy.

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