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adidas Hoops | Vintage Basketball Shoe

As the name suggests, the adidas Hoops are made for everyone who green basketball seriously and wants to outshine others on the court. The shoe has a vintage vibe for a basketball shoe that can help you camouflage as you score points on the table.

The budget-friendly shoe option is for anyone and everyone who wants comfort and durability. It has a design so basic that it stands out. With all the flashy basketball shoes making rounds, these laid-back, chill footwear are the choice of every aspiring basketball player.

Design Aesthetics

Every other shoe in the market is flashy and has all the crazy colour options. For some, it might be the way to go, while others want a minimalist option. The adidas Hoops targets the latter demographic. It doesn't have any striking colour schemes. Rather, it focuses more on solid colours like flushed, black, grey etc.

It has a classy old-school design philosophy with the use of leather and fabric materials that sets it apart from the competition. It has various options, such as lows, mids and highs. 

Build Quality

The shoe's price is relatively low and one could conclude that the materials must also be cheap. However, the adidas Hoops proves its doubters wrong. You can feel no corner-cutting regarding quality when you hold the shoes.

It has strong adhesives and stitching going all over the shoe. It ensures the shoe is ready to take a beating and will last you a good amount of time on the court. Nonetheless, the shoe has some drawbacks that can be seen later. 

The upper part creases a lot when you play. It doesn't affect the overall durability but can annoy you if you are obsessed with keeping them new.


Anyone who buys these shoes will be wearing them for a long time. Thus, it is very important to have proper cushioning and grip. The shoe has a footbed that supports the ankle and prevents injuries while you fly away to the hoop.

It also has resistance against lateral movements for injury prevention. The inside and outside have to cushion to keep your feet in one place.

Things start to shine off when we start looking at the insole. Undoubtedly, it provides decent cushioning, but the insole can be improved. The tongue and collars have plush cushioning, which also works as a drawback. The shoe might feel suffocating after prolonged use.

adidas ashington trainers for kids 2017 | adidas combat speed 4 jordan oliver shoes

  • Vintage Throwback Design
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Premium Products
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
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Our Verdict

If you are starting at the court and want to try some decent shoes, the adidas Hoops can be a good option. They provide decent performance while being easy on your wallet.
However, the shoes might feel outdated distribution to the competition when it comes to cushioning and support.

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