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adidas Duramo | The Affordable Running Solution

Are you someone that wants a piece of footwear that can help them jog? Nothing too expensive but can provide decent performance. Then, the adidas Duramo might be a very good option for you.

It has lightweight but ample cushioning to protect your feet from all sides. Also, the Cloudfoam can protect you while you run on the treadmill or in the park.

This article examines one of the finest running shoe options and discusses its materials, design and styling philosophy.


The plastic eyelets are the first thing anyone notices while looking at adidas Duramo. The laces have plastic eyelets, which serve the purpose of making them affordable and durable. However, users have complained about the eyelets being too stubborn and causing scraping.

One more thing that strikes consumers is longer than the usual collar. Undoubtedly, it makes the shoe-wearing process smoother. But it keeps rubbing off every time you run.

adidas rash guard sizing chart women body paint | Sole Unit

The sole unit is the most important for any running shoe, midrange or expensive. The midsole is cushioned well, from heel to forefoot. It allows the runner to have confidence in themselves as they keep rushing through the air.

In addition, the rebound of the sole is also at par with expensive shoes. One can feel the Cloudfoam technology working for comfort. Also, it saves your ankles from injuries by providing balance on terrains.

The one area where it could see improvement is the outer sole. It has nothing special, making it tough to use on hiking. However, as for the price, one can only complain a little.

Upper Unit

Running shoes are meant to be worn longer and must always feel comfy. The adidas Duramo runs true to fit sizing, allowing enough room for your feet to breathe.
Its upper part is the typical mesh that should allow optimal airflow. Nonetheless, some users have complained that the mesh doesn't work well enough like on other shoes. It makes the shoe suitable for people living in colder weather.

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Our Verdict

If you live under a rock, haven't tried adidas and don't want to spend a good amount of cash, then buying the adidas Duramo might be the solution to all your needs. The series has one of the most affordable shoes for your running needs. 

As the shoe is made for the affordable side of things, the shoe could have a better quality of materials used. Moreover, the larger collar might keep rubbing the back of your feet, which is annoying. 

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