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There is hardly a company that is as focused on innovation and new technologies as adidas. They constantly present us with completely new designs and looks and thus amaze one or the other. After all, if you take a closer look at this unique silhouette, three key questions come to mind: Where is the infamous Boost sole? Where are the signature blocks in the midsole? And where the hell are our beloved three stripes? The adidas Deerupt can't answer all these questions for you either, but it doesn't have to! With this model, the label creates a completely new kind of shoe and clearly departs from what we know from them so far.

The new silhouette is strongly reminiscent of models like the NMD R1 and especially the Tennis HU, but still remains very innovative and avoids old familiar elements. The renunciation of these typical details does not mean, ba8150, that the adidas Deerupt somehow loses its beauty. On the contrary, the special Griddesign sets new accents and provides the latest model from the house of adidas with a very innovative look. Interestingly, the shoe creates a very minimalist impression due to the unique mesh pattern, but at the same time it is somehow very eye-catching.

adidas mens ultimate 365 fall weight pants size | adidas Deerupt - reviving the history

While the silhouette of the adidas Deerupt is an absolute novelty along with a unique silhouette, you have to travel back in time a bit for the source of inspiration. The design of this unique shoe is heavily based on vintage runner shoes, more specifically the adidas Marathon. What many sneaker fans don't know is that adidas has a special archive that goes back to the days of the Dassler brothers' shoe factory. At the present time, it contains around 7,000 models to which the designers have constant access. The archive is a perfect source of inspiration and, as it turns out, adidas regularly draws on the designs of the classics. Even many collaborations were born from the ideas of the early past. We personally have absolutely nothing against it, because so we are apparently always supplied with innovations 😉.

But the details of which shoe ultimately gave the adidas Deerupt its unique look? As already mentioned, we are talking about the adidas Marathon. This is actually one of the last models that Adolf Dassler (the founder of adidas) was actively involved in designing before his death. In 1979, a year after the death of the CEO, the adidas Marathon came on the market and convinced especially by its mesh structure on the midsole. This should provide improved impact absorption and also ensure a good fit. A few years later, shoes appeared again and again that used a similar technology on their soles. The mesh structure is just one of the countless classics from the archives and adidas felt that this technology was never properly appreciated. This will eventually change with the adidas Deerupt and from the looks of it, many sneaker fans have already taken it to their hearts.

Adidas Deerupt - a unique mesh design

In order to be able to apply the corresponding mesh design to the Adidas Deerupt, adidas had to invest a lot of time in deciphering the archive designs. After all, a simple copy and paste of the mesh structure was not so easy to implement. In addition, a lot of emphasis was placed on the appearance on Instagram images. Indeed, adidas' senior design director emphasizes the importance of social media, especially for the footwear industry. It hasn't been like it used to be for a long time, because now people also want to brag about their cuties on the World Wide Web accordingly 😉 People's posts on Instagram also reveal a lot about their preferences, and so it's a good opportunity for adidas to develop the panda lifestyle sneaker. That's why the aesthetics on pictures also played a big role in the design of the adidas Deerupt.

We are definitely looking forward to the future development of this shoe and are excited to see what other chic colorways adidas will conjure up. We think they can use their archives more often, because it seems they are a potent source of inspiration! 

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