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adidas Court | The Most Iconic Piece of Footwear

If one shoe was the face of every brand, then the adidas Court has to be the one for adidas. It is the most iconic piece of footwear the brand has made. Its simple design with stripes is noticeable from miles away.

The classic design makes it timeless, versatile, and easy to wear with any clothing set. One can wear it to any formal event, as well as any outdoor party. People will look at you in any room you walk into wearing this shoe. 


The adidas court’s history started in 1992 when the brand launched the Originals line as soon as old-school shoes were in fashion again. The low-top Court was also an innovation of that time.

Although the shoe came into production several years ago, it is still relevant and looks good with every outfit. And it will still look dapper for years to come.

Timeless Style

“Simplicity is key” is proved to be true by this shoe design. The classic leather body of the shoe makes it simple yet so distinctive. Its design should not be taken for granted, as it will prove to be a good investment. 

Although the shoes were originally designed for the tennis community, its utility has also increased outside of the court. Its design is unisex and can be worn anywhere you want to. Be it jeans, culottes, or mini skirts. The shoe looks good with every outfit. 


  • The adidas Court has three stripes of subtle branding on the view leather. At the same time, the trefoil logo is on the heel patch.
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  • Everyday wearable design
  • Versatile Options
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  • Affordable

Final Thoughts

The shoe is best for those who want the most value. It is considered a good investment, as it looks good with every outfit. Users can wear it indoors as well as at outdoor events. The quality and comfort make it worth every penny. 

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