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adidas Continental 80 | Blast from the Past

As the name suggests, the adidas Continental 80 originally debuted in the 80s. However, they have been relaunched with fresh colors and new technology. The shoes take you back to good old times and let you experience unmatched comfort. 

The vintage-style shoes are perfect for someone who wants some taste of the past. It has good quality leather used with some distinctive colors. The shoe has a unique design philosophy and sets you apart from the competition. 

Materials Used

The one thing that sets this shoe apart is the leather used in the upper part. It feels way softer than other shoes of the same price category. Moreover, it has air holes on the toe box and sides. It allows better air flow and keeps your feet fresh all day long.

On the midsole, there is nothing extraordinary going on. The support and cushioning feel like any other adidas shoe. No doubt it is high quality, but it has nothing special.

Shoes are made for walking, and the outsole plays an important role. The outsole is durable and provides traction on all terrains.

The sneaker collar is the area where adidas continental 80 excels. It has firm padding that gives cushioning to the ankles. Moreover, keeping the ankles intact makes the chances of injury nearly nonexistent.

Comfort & Styling

As discussed above, the midsole might be average, but the cushioning of the sneaker gets all the applause. The design and material used are breathable, with added support from the cushioning. Users can wear these shoes for as long as they want.

The Continental 80 is so simple yet so stylish. You can pair it with anything, be it a sweatshirt or t-shirt. It will look cool with these shoes. In addition, the trefoil logo on the heel tab is a style statement of its own.

Reasons to Buy

  • Distinctive Color Options
  • Premium Built Quality
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  • Retro Aesthetics

Wrapping it Up

Buying this shoe might be clever if you want something that stands out when it comes to design & appearance. The classic style shoes are something you see only some people wearing. Also, it has great comfort with breathable materials.

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