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adidas parsons AlphaBounce
The midsole of the adidas parsons AlphaBounce renounce the traditional foam unit that is regularly used in most running shoes on the market. Instead, it uses a springy material that runs across the entire width and ensures that the entire bottom of the foot is well supported. Flexibility and full natural movement are important aspects of the midsole. 

The seamless construction of the upper makes the adidas parsons AlphaBounce very comfortable, making it perfect for everyday use. The inner lining is made of a soft fabric that feels like a sock when the foot is inside the sneaker. The FORGEDMESH is a mesh material that is flexible and can conform to the natural shape of the wearer's foot.

The adidas parsons AlphaBounce is designed to be versatile. This requires an outsole unit that is durable and versatile. It needs to withstand asphalt or slippery surfaces. The flexible but durable rubber in the outsole provides protection and traction for the adidas parsons AlphaBounce.

adidas parsons AlphaBounce Fit

The adidas parsons AlphaBounce is true to size and can be ordered in your usual shoe size. You can also get the sneaker in men's and women's sizes. The width of this shoe is medium, so runners with medium-width feet will feel very comfortable. The semi-curved shape naturally adapts to the shape of the human foot.

adidas parsons AlphaBounce Material

For the outsole, ADIWEAR is used here. ADIWEAR is a very durable rubber material. It is very abrasion resistant, wear resistant and ensures that the rest of the sole unit is protected from abrasion while running. It is flexible so that the natural movement of the foot is not affected.

For the midsole, on the other hand, adidas parsons relies on BOUNCE technology. BOUNCE is a responsive material that is more elastic and flexible than the foam compounds used in the most common shoes on the market. Essentially, this BOUNCE midsole pushes the foot back forward with each step, ensuring that energy is optimally recovered.

As mentioned earlier, the new FORGEDMESH technology was used for the upper. This mesh material allows the foot to use its natural range of motion without any restrictions. The upper can stretch and conforms to the overall shape of the foot. The inner lining is made of soft fabrics with appropriate padding. They do not irritate the skin and allow you to wear the shoe without socks.

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The adidas parsons AlphaBounce uses a new technology for the upper that is extremely well received. The high-quality inner lining ensures that the foot is ideally protected and at the same time provides a lot of comfort. The adidas parsons AlphaBounce comes in many colorways, which ensures that there is a perfect sneaker for every taste. The BOUNCE technology in the midsole is comfortable and provides very good energy recovery while running. Despite all these positive aspects, the adidas parsons AlphaBounce is very affordable without sacrificing the quality of the shoe. However, the sneaker is more suitable for shorter runs, as it offers little ankle support.

adidas parsons fundraising calendar printable 2016 | Conclusion on the adidas parsons AlphaBounce

The adidas parsons AlphaBounce is a solid choice when it comes to running. It is a neutral running shoe that also works well for casual wear. The sneaker brings reliable cushioning and very good energy return. The upper is extremely soft and flexible, but provides enough stability. Due to the affordable price of the adidas parsons AlphaBounce, we can definitely recommend the sneaker.

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